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RVCS allows vehicle manufacturers to electronically certify the vehicles they supply to the Australian market as meeting prescribed safety standards. The system allows lodgement of test data using electronic forms software and is administered by the Vehicle Safety Standards Branch of the Department of Infrastructure and Transport.

From 1 July 2021, the Road Vehicle Standards Act 2018 (RVSA) is replacing the Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 (MVSA)..

The RVSA is supported by the Road Vehicle Standards Rules 2019 (the Rules). Together, with other related legislation, they are referred to as the Road Vehicle Standards (RVS) legislation.

Under the RVS legislation, before road vehicles can be provided to another person for road use in Australia for the first time, they must be entered on the Register of Approved Vehicles (RAV), an online database of vehicles that have met the requirements of the RVS legislation and been approved for provision to the Australian market.

The departmentís new Road Vehicle Regulator (ROVER) system integrates all applications and approvals under RVS legislation. All applications for RVS approvals must be made in ROVER. Some applications, including for testing facility, component type and authorised vehicle verifier approvals, as well as for entries on the Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicles Register are already available. All other application types, including for vehicle type approvals, will be available from 1 July 2021.

Rather than registering in RVCS, you are encouraged to create an account in ROVER now so that your identity can be verified and you can submit applications. Further information on ROVER, including how to create an account can be found on our ROVER resources webpage.

More information is available in the Guide to the Opt-in arrangements and the Guide To Vehicle type approvals

For further information visit our website www.infrastructure.gov.au/vehicles or submit and inquiry to https://www.infrastructure.gov.au/Infrastructure-transport-vehicles/vehicles/importing-vehicle/contact-us


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