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From 1 January 2011 all vehicles in the MA, MB, MC, MD, ME, NB and NC categories, with a GVM greater than 3.5 tonnes must comply with ADR80/03. For more information please click here



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I have become aware of potential safety related compliance issues relating to the inadequate provision of doors for entry to, or exit from, motorhomes and caravans. The Motor Vehicle Standards Act 1989 and Regulations prescribe the Australian Design Rules (ADRs) as the national standards which must be met before new vehicles can be marketed in Australia.

ADR 44/02 titled ďSpecific Purpose Vehicle RequirementsĒ prescribes requirements for the construction of specific purpose vehicles including motorhomes and caravans. ADR 44/02, clause 44.8.1, Doors, states as follows:

ďEvery motor vehicle (motorhome) or trailer (ĎCaravaní) equipped with fuel burning (cooking) facilities or living or sleeping accommodation shall have only outward-opening or sliding doors. At least one such door shall be located on the left-hand side or at the rear.Ē

The intent of ADR44/02, clause 44.8.1 is that the door on the left hand side or rear of motor homes and caravans must be able to function as a door, in the normal sense of the word, providing direct entry to and egress from the vehicle.

Whilst this clause does not specify dimensions, the intent is clearly to enable an average size person to easily enter and exit the vehicle without additional external fixtures or fittings. In addition, there must be no impediments (such as fixed objects) which interfere in any way with the easy use of doors for entry and exit.

I have instructed all of my inspection staff to be particularly vigilant in respect of doors in motorhomes and caravans, and advice will be provided to all state and territory transport jurisdictions accordingly. Yours sincerely,

Steve Pantelidis

Administrator of Vehicle Standards



The public comment consultation period on the Euro 5/6 RIS has been extended to close on Monday 15 March



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Draft Regulation Impact Statement for Review of Euro 5/6 Light Vehicle Emissions Standards

The Australian Government has a policy of harmonising Australia's vehicle standards (Australian Design Rules) wherever possible with the international standards established by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UN ECE). The current emissions ADRs adopt the standards known as Euro 4.New Euro 5 and Euro 6 standards have recently been agreed for light duty vehicles, and the Department has prepared a draft Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) to consider the merits of adopting these latest standards in Australia.

The RIS incorporates a benefit-cost analysis undertaken by Bureau of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Economics (BITRE). DITRDLG also acknowledges the assistance of the Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (DEWHA) and a number of State environment agencies in the preparation of the RIS.

The draft RIS is provided for public scrutiny and comment, prior to the presentation of a final RIS for consideration by decision makers.

The consultation period closes on 1 March 2010, and all submissions must be in writing. Details regarding the submission of comments are set out in Section 5 (Consultation) of the draft RIS.



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